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Project Description

Engineering a fully equipped Police Motorcycle

Customer: Jinan qingqi lingmu police motorcycle sales co., ltd.
Years: 2017 –
Object of the project: Design, development and manufacturing prototypes of a complete motorcycle
designed explicitly for Police Corps
Engine type: 2 Cylinder in-line, Four-stroke, Naturally aspirated, Gasoline engine.
DOHC, tappets, Nikasil cylinder liner, balancer shaft, wet clutch,
Six-speed gearbox
Displacement: 730 [cc]
Empty weight: < 210 [kg]
Saddle height: < 780 [mm]
Max width: < 815 [mm]
Max power: 59 [kW] @ 7000 [rpm]
Max torque: 78 [Nm] @ 6000 [rpm]
Max speed: > 200 [km/h]

Project description

The customer is a Chinese company that supplies local Police Corps with a fully equipped motorcycle. To improve the performances and the capacity of the products, Suter Industries has been appointed to design, build, and test a prototype series. The bike has to be homologated for the equivalent to Euro 4 emissions (currently we are working on upgrading it to Euro 5 specification), featuring all the currently required features of a touring motorcycle as well as police corps.
Development of the complete fairing, a dashboard that communicates with the mobile phone, Radio, front and rear Dash camera with a recorder, top and side cases to locate all the policeman equipment, sirene and flashlight integrated into the fairing, ABS, fully adjustable suspensions.
The project is currently under industrialization by our customer, and the mass production should start by the end of the year 2019.

Major achievement

  • Road engine durability and performance target achieved
  • Bike reached Euro 4 compliant emissions at first attempt
  • Best integration of functionality on the market
  • Modern look
  • Simple and efficient engine