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«Only The highest quality can withstand our intensive testing.»


  • Support throughout the entire development process
  • Test orders in accordance with customer specifications
  • Concept of specific dyno test bench design
  • Component tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Test of applications for control devices
  • Combustion analysis
  • Benchmarking and performance assessment
  • Documentation

Our comprehensive test and analysis division provides optimal development support for customer projects. Thanks to our in-house production and accumulated design knowledge, we are able to optimally guide and assist in the development process. If required, new parts for the development process can be produced within a single day. Our inspection/analysis tests are backed up by our extensive development experience, giving the customer a huge benefit from all of our diverse expertise.

Our services range from the design of the testbench to components and endurance tests as well as comprehensive evaluation and documentation of the findings. A flexible cost model assures a favorable cost-benefit ratio.


  • Engine test stands with 60 – 406 kW capacities
  • Asynchronous / eddy current brakes
  • Chassis dynamometer
  • Combustion analysis equipment
  • High precision fuel consumption measurement
  • Blow-by measuring tool
  • Flow measurement equipment
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