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TOA 288

Two cylinder, horizontal opposed, air cooled, two cycle engine, with fuel saving electronic engine management system and mixture lubrication. Suitable for pusher and tractor installations.

Performance: 14,5 kW (19,7 HP) at 6’500 rpm
On request up to 17 kW (23 HP) at 6500 rpm
Fuel efficiency < 380 g/kW/h @ 6’000RPM and 14,0 kW (full load)
< 300 g/kW/h @ 4’500RPM and 8,0 kW (cruise)
Bore: 56 mm / 2.20 inch
Stroke: 58.5 mm / 2.30 inch
Displacement: 288 cm³ / 17.58 cu. Inches
Weight: 9,3 kg (incl. exhaust, wiring loom, ECU, air intake, Fuel pump with filters and pressure regulator, 1 kW Starter / Generator)
Crankshaft: high strength steel, single piece connecting rods with needle bearings
Throttle control: integrated SERVO, controlled via ECU
Cylinders: Casted aluminum, Nickel-Silicium coated barrel
Ignition System: CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition), controlled by ECU
Engine Management system: 12V Digital integrated fuel and ignition control unit incl. cold start and altitude compensation and EGT and CHT overheat protection
Altitude compensation: Automatic via ECU
Fuel: Gasoline min. 91 Oct. or AVGAS LL100, mixed with synthetic two-cycle oil to the ratio of 2%
Optional Equipment: • Oil injection +0,25kg
• 1 kW / +28VDC SGCU (Starter Generator Central Unit) +1,7 kg
• 500 W / +28VDC GCU (Generator Central Unit) +0,5 kg
• Double ignition +0,35 kg
Installation: horizontal, vertical

Power Curve

Power curve of TOA288

BSFC Curve

BSFC curve of TOA288
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